Our Inspiration

With G20 as our invigorating muse, we let its driven ideas of friendship, collaboration, dialogue and discussion be the guiding light for this eccentric fest. As India assumes a very long-awaited presidency over this organization that stands as a beacon of hope for international collaboration and progress. we realize what true global cooperation, and unity mean in the face of adversity. The tapestry of our nation swoops over the mountains of the north to the beaches of the south. It drapes the east in a mist and the west in a feverish desert. Yet through all of this, we are reminded that unity in diversity is the greatest achievement mankind aspires for. Festeggiare Amicizia is a commemoration of the essence of friendship, united in the spirit of global cooperation.
Year of the Millets
The Indian government proudly proposed 2023 to be the year where the wallflower of agriculture finally gets its well-deserved spotlight; the millet. Millets empower communities, ensuring food security across diverse topography. This sustainable and resilient grain reminds us of important lessons to learn as transient human with a huge carbon footprint. PM Narendra Modi bestowed upon the simple millet, the title of Shree Anna, translation to "food with a divine grace". Millets gracefully embody the essence of progress and unity, harnessing potential, transforming lives through shared opportunities.
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